A Journey of a Different Kind

With a love of exotic placesgood food, and discovering other cultures and traditions while gambling, we have traveled to different restaurants and casinos all over the world for years: some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly.

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We think it’s important to include cuisine in your plans when you’re scouting casinos you want to vacation at, and taking the types of food, the style in which it was prepared, and the ambiance into consideration is vital to ensuring a good time and money well spent. Eating is something everyone does, and we decided to combine good gambling fun with great food in casinos with top-notch hotel accommodations while planning our group vacations.

After looking at the pictures we’ve taken over the years, we decided to create this website to honor our memories and share our experiences with the world. We have been lucky in life and enjoy the ability to drop and go at a moment’s notice several times a year to spend time together.

The core group of five friends has stuck together through two of Stan’s marriages, girlfriends for Phyllis, and a husband or two with Joan, which hasn’t decreased the feelings of comradely friendship but instead strengthened the bond we have for each other.

Vacationing at casinos has always been something we strive to do several times a year, and each of us has our favorite gambling spot around the world. We love gambling so much that we also play online at https://www.casino-aus.com/ wherever we happen to be. While experiencing the growth and changes in the gaming industry, we have visited hundreds of casinos and what was once solely geared towards the hard-core gambler, has now come a long way to include people who are in it for the culinary experience as well. Over the years, our favorites have come and gone, and we have created a list of our top 5 land casino picks that offer exciting games, luxurious accommodations, and world-class cuisine prepared by the best chefs from around the globe.

As we got older, the ability to travel several times a year has become too much for all of us, except Stan, so we’ve found some good online casinos you may enjoy. All of us have given a detailed review of our favorite land-based and online casinos for your enjoyment.

We invite you to explore the rest of the site and use our experiences in the excitement of gambling, sampling new and intoxicating world class cuisine, and partaking of great hotel accommodations to plan your next gaming vacation.