Types of Games at Online Casinos

Online casino games are a joy to play, especially if you know the games that you are playing. There are at least four different types of real money gambling games that you will be able to find at online casinos and these are online games, table games, live dealer games and VR gambling games. 

Each of these games have one thing in common, they are able to win you real money rewards. However, as much as they are able to win you real you need to make sure that you pick your poison to get the most out of the games.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are very common at land based casinos, and at online casinos as well. The reason why many players enjoy these games is that they come in a wide variety and they are very easy to play. Another reason why players love them is that they come in a wide variety of themes which allows plyers to pick any theme that they want to play.

Therese are also several different types of online ss that players can enjoy and these are:

  • Classic slots: These usually have 3 reels, made to look like the retro arcade games and have many bright colors. In most cases have the Bar, 7, 777, lemon, cherries symbols on the reels.
  • Video slots: Have 5 or more reel. These are modern day slot games. Come in many different themes and have several features in each that you play. 
  • Progressive games: These are slot games where the jackpot prize will increase each time that the game is played. It reaches up to millions before anyone can win it.
  • Non progressive games: These games have a fixed jackpot that players can win.
  • Multiline slots: With these lost players can find a plethora of features to enjoy and they usually have more than 243 different pay lines to play with. 

Table Games

Unless specified you should be able to find table games a online casino where you choose to play. These are games like blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, sic bo, and craps. These are the core table games that you are able to find at an online casino. It is from these games that developers are able to build and create other variations of them.

This will then give use two categories of table games that you can play. The classic table games are replicas of their physical counterparts and the modern games which have several modifications but are build on the classic games. Regardless of the game that you choose, you will be able to play the game either for free or for real money. 

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are also another form of casino game that you play at gambling sites. The live dealer games are created from table games hence they offer similar gameplay. The only difference being that with these games you play with a live dealer who you can see and talk to. They are ones who will be responsible for dealing your cards if you are playing a card game, rolling you dice in dice games and spinning the wheel in roulette

While you can play slot games and table games for free and for real money, with live dealer it is not the case. Players can only enjoy top live dealer games for real money. This is as they cost slightly more to run and maintain. Hence, they do not offer free play.

VR Games 

VR games are the latest online casino games that are now available for play. The main issue is that there are not that many casinos that offer these games due to the cost that it to create as well as to manage them. However if you are lucky enough you should be able to finds a few gambling sites that have games for play from. You just need to make sure that you have the right to enjoy the games. 

So far, there are VR slots and VR table games. They offer players an immersive casino game play. However, like the live dealer games there are no VR casino game that can be played for free for the reasons that we have stated above. 


Online casino games will give any player the chance to walk away with mega real money rewards. You simply make sure that you are playing a game that you know how to play. More importantly that you are playing at a safe and secure gaming site. 

Before you play the casino games always make sure that you read the rules and the terms and conditions that the casino has. If you are not sure of what you want to play, you can play for free before you play for real money. However, live dealer and VR games cannot be played for free so should you wish to play them you will juts have to take a leap of faith.