A Casino-Hosted Cooking Competition Adventure

The Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas hosted the 2012 World Pastry Team Championship, and the whole world watched. Seven teams of three chefs each competed for two days, showcasing their Astrology-themed chocolatey goodness and breathtaking sugar art for the judges.

The exciting grand finale held a garment of emotion from the career-enhancing first place win, to dream-crushing disappointment when South Korea’s artistic masterpiece fell apart. Morocco and Mexico presented stunning treats for the crowds and China won Best Team Sportsmanship.

Third place went to Team Netherlands, and the United States went home with a second place win. Japan ran away with the competition, taking first place. Japan’s team captain Tetsuya Seno, born in Osaka, began his career at Club Harie in Shiga Prefecture, Japan where he creates stunning desserts. Standing by Tetsuya’s side was Hisashi Onobayashi, in charge of the chocolate section at Club Harie. Koji Fuita brought the extra flare to Team Japan with his skill as an Executive Pastry Chef in Osaka.

In 2013 the Aria Casino in Las Vegas was host to the 46th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest with a grand prize of one million dollars. Since 1949, the Pillsbury Bake-off has been open to amateur cooks, twenty-one and older, from all over America with an original recipe that uses Pillsbury brand ingredients.

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This annual cooking competition brings 100 contestants together for a one-day battle of the best recipes. The competition was filled with the excitement and by the end of the day winners were announced. Glori Spriggs from Henderson, Nevada won the million dollar grand prize with her Loaded Potato Pinwheels.

Easy Caprese Pizza Bake landed Sheila Suhan from Scottdale, Pennsylvania a second place $10,000 cash prize, and Antoinette Leal from Ridgefield, Connecticut took home a cash prize of $5,000 for third place with her Cherry Almond Brunch Tart. Kim Doyle Willie from Carbondale, Colorado won the Jif Peanut Butter Prize of $5,000 in cash with her Thai Shrimp Pizza, and the $5,000 cash prize from Crisco is Cooking Prize went to Julie Beckwith, Crete Illinois for her Upside-down Tomato Basil and Chicken Tartlets.

Casinos along Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas hosted over 300 competitors and 20 celebrity chefs at the World Food Championship cooking competition in 2013. The four-day cook off brought together the best chefs from around the world to compete in categories like burger, chili, desserts, bacon, and barbecue championships.

Dave Elliot from Olathe, Kansas with Porky McBeef and the Cluckers Catering took home a grand prize of $50,000 in cash for his Mom’s Carrot Cake. Houston, Texas was represented by Pitmaker–BBQ Addiction and Victor Howard with the win for the World Barbecue Championship and a cash prize of $10,000. Ray Bogart from Boulder City, Nevada won $10,000 and the World Open Chili Championship, and the grand prize in the World Burger Championship went to Wade Fortin from Chicago Illinois with Second City Smoke for a cash prize of $10,000. The Executive Chef of Alchemy Restaurant in San Diego, California, Ricardo Heredia won $10,000 and the title of Bacon World Champion.